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Ken Baltz RT Scholarship

The ArSRT Ken Baltz RT Scholarship is a one-time minimum $250 award that is provided to an eligible ArSRT member.  ArSRT members interested in applying this scholarship should review the posted eligibility criteria and application process.  Deadline for application is March 1st.  Application materials should be emailed to Dee Oldenbroek at

Scholarships will be awarded at the annual meeting.

Ken Baltz RT Scholarship Application (PDF)

RT Eligibility:

  1. ARRT registered technologist
  2. Have and carry a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA.*
  3. Have worked in the medical imaging clinical or didactic setting for at least one year (as a registered or student technologist).
  4. Be pursuing a degree in higher education:  bachelor, master, specialist, or doctoral degree.
  5. The recipient of this scholarship must maintain a minimum load of 6 credit hours per semester for the academic year.
  6. Must be a member of ArSRT, but not a current member of the Board.
  7. Has not received this award within the past 3 years.

*Applicants must include a current copy of their college transcript, verification of enrollment in higher education courses, and a current resumé (vitae) addressing the listed eligibility requirements.

RT Application Process

RTs must submit:
  1. A completed copy of the ArSRT scholarship application (PDF).
  2. Copy of current ARRT card.
  3. Current vitae showing professional experience (employer and dates of employment)
  4. Verification of enrollment in higher education courses (course schedule or letter from advisor).
  5. An essay discussing the points stipulated by the scholarship committee.
    1. The essay must be original (in the applicant’s own words).
    2. Essay answers should be 250 words or less.
      1. Times New Roman
      2. Size 12 font
      3. Double spaced
    3. The essay must discuss the following points:
      1. Explanation of why applicant is pursuing the degree.
      2. Explanation of how this degree will help you with your future goals.
      3. Your planned professional contribution(s) to the field in the future.
Application materials must be submitted to Dee Oldenbroek at by March 1st.